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The Demons of David Horowitz
Since David Horowitz switched his political allegiance from the radical left to the authoritarian right, he has engaged in one embarassingly paranoid crusade after another. Each one is designed to stifle a liberal conspiracy which exists only in the hollow canyons of his own mind, and each one fizzles out in a mist of his own petulant frustration. Each time, insidious liberal influence is to blame for his own failures.

For a man with no job title or actual occupation, Horowitz does curiously well. Over the last three decades, crotchety right-wing donors like John Olin and Richard Mellon-Scaife have stuffed the coffers of his shell organizations, funded his crank conferences, and bulk-bought his semi-fictional autobiographies as insulation for the walls of their hermetically-sealed mansions. In turn, Horowitz has leveraged his millions into a full-frontal assault on academia.

His "Academic Bill of Rights," which I will discuss later on, and his latest piece of Regnery pulp, "The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America," mark the crescendo of Horowitz's crusade to make campus as safe and sterile as Green Acres. For Horowitz, seizing control of universities from their liberal hegemons is no different from smoking Al-Qaeda henchmen out of their hillside caves. As he told an audience of College Republicans last summer, "Universities are a base of the left. Universities are a base for terrorism."


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