Monday, November 24, 2014

Demokratisasi Media Penyiaran dan Kepentingan dalam Regulasi Media

This research is a study that can reveal the relation between triangle relation between the market, the public and the state as a unitary three principal in the development and regulation of media democratization in Indonesia. Thus this study will answer; the first-coil forms a dynamic process of social democratization in the world of broadcasting and relations interests of the state, public and broadcasting industry in a mediated communication systems in Indonesia. This research use critical paradigm and critical hermeneutics research method over the text of the Broadcasting Act No. 32 of 2002 and compared with a revised broadcasting law that is now being debated by Parliament. This study found that the spirit of the democratization of media, the public and the mainstream society as the main subject and the broadcast media activity guarantee rational constitutional values ​​remain a major concern in the whole formula revision of Law No. 32 of 2002. And this is the main concern of making and amending laws centered "Bonum Commune"

Post-Structuralist Feminist Discourse

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