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The Future of Media

Media - Sexuality - Measurement (Research Output)

New Media Complexity - Communication Theories: Opportunity and Impact

AG. Eka Wenats Wuryanta, M.Si


Now this happening is incredibly exciting revolution, astonishing and at the same time challenging for human. Revolution is interesting because this revolution brought changes to the pattern and structure of the human communication process. This revolution is also astonishing because of the revolution of information technology to grow and develop human. It finally can go beyond space and time barrier. Revolution is also challenging because this revolution also brings the influence of "unhealthy" to people who stutter and greedy to the pattern- patterns of technical convenience offered by this revolution.

Revolution is in progress and experienced by mankind. The revolution is called the communications revolution. This communications revolution to follow in the footsteps of previous revolutions, the agricultural revolution (the revolution toward a paradigm nomadic life settled), the French revolution (the revolution of political social p…