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We Are Social 2016

Digital sosial adalah hal yang terbendung sampai saat ini. Banyak hal yang bisa dilakukan dan banyak yang bisa bersifat merusak. Berikut ini adalah beberapa laporan bagaimana digital sosial ini merambah masyarakat kita. we-are-social-digital-in-2016

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Komunikasi dan Resolusi Konflik Sosial

Ethics in Cyber Journalism: New Waves of Applied Ethics in Journalism (Case Studies at News Portal in Indonesia)

Introduction People have always been interested in the news, which is described as “new information about a subject of some public interest that is shared with some portion of the public” (Stephens, 2006:2). The earliest forms of news were spoken ones, shared in coffeehouses or shouted throughout the village. After the news in written form began to exist in the fifth century B.C., news distribution progressed to written tablets, Roman acta, occasional newsletters, and the regular newspaper which arrived in early 17th century (Stephens, 2006:131). In today’s information society where communications technologies have acquired new importance, the Internet is a new news medium which enables us to retrieve news easily. From spoken to written to printed and then electronic news, the general principle of “the fastest medium with the largest potential audience will be the messenger of the most breaking-news” applies. Today the news race is being won by broadcast media and the Internet (Stephens…